Mississippi Flyway

Mississippi Flyway
Saturday, 26 June 2010
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  • Good Afternoon,
    I am new to the Duck Junkies Staff and would like to begin offering some insight from the middle of the Mississippi Flyway. I do most of my hunting in the south-central/southern zones of IL. I live in St. Louis, MO and do a bit of hunting in and around here, as well. Great to be a part of Duck Junkies, and if anybody is ever headed this way give me a shout!
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  • From the province of Ontario......well the drought of 2012 is history and wetland habitat is much improved as the opening day of the 2013 waterfowl season approaches in the southern waterfowl management district....the province is expecting significant rainfall on the 21st of September.....with a week of late summer conditions with sunshine as we move along till the end of September....
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  • South -Western Ontario will be experiencing much the same weather pattern as the eastern section of the province....with slightly higher temperatures......with no overnight values that would produce thin surface ice.....looks like a really exceptional 7 day period ahead til Thursday November 22.....
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  • with the high pressure systems in place.....looks like the southern waterfowl district of Ontario will be offering up some golden waterfowling opportunities over the next seven days
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  • Long Point Waterfowl reporting that a huge change in the weather for Saskatchewan and Manitoba....-20C temperatures on the horizon..thatis -4F.....and means there will be a huge push of birds into the southern regions of the Flyways
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  • Long Point Waterfowl -Great Lakes-....mentioned in one of their migration updates that pintails- wigeon- gadwall- teal will migrate at lower weather severity threshold values....so with the projected dip in the jet stream forecast for the coming days....colder air and the wind vector will certainly become a transition time
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  • Well the jet stream will be dropping this weekend...bringing a vector of air from the north......although the Mississippi Flyway looks like it will miss the weather event of Tropical storm Sandy.....as it is not on the path for the Gulf of Mexico the eastern USA may be a different matter depending on how this storm evolves.....
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  • Good to hear Mike, heading up north central Indiana on Sunday for three days. My hunting days are limited this year due to work load so, I'm trying to make the best of my time.
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  • Guys we have been seeing a few pins, gads. and some more mallards have been showing up along the Wabash river area in the central part of Indiana.
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    Austin O'Hara the river isn't flooded by chance anywhere is it?548 days ago
  • Thank David, here in southwest Ohio I have seen a lot of geese moving but very few ducks yet. Hopefully a northern front will start to push them on down.
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  • Long Point Waterfowl -Great Lakes Region- is reporting that the migration has been slow to develop in the Mississippi and Atlantic Flyways.....a few cold fronts have moved through the northern staging areas ....but not sustained fronts and these weather events have done little to move the birds.....the province of Ontario shares merging borders of the Atlantic and Mississippi Flyways
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A group for hunters located in the Mississippi Flyway.
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 by bkjbbkj test
Administratively, the Mississippi Flyway is composed of the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin,and the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario according to Flyways.us
SW MN Had some new mallards come in thurs but real spooky birds. No calling just jerk stringing. Lots of woodies around yet. Enough cans and redheads around to keep it fun. Havn't seen a goose in the last 3 times out.
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